The Most Beautiful Asian Women

If you have had trouble meeting women near home and are wondering what this big, wide world has to offer then you are not alone.  Dating foreign women is a great way to meet fabulous people, learn about new cultures and have a great time.

Asian women, in particular, have a ton to offer any man.  They are raised with a great deal of class and are conservative, smart and caring.  They make wonderful lovers, wives and mothers.

In addition to their many other awesome qualities, Asian women are undeniably beautiful, alluring and exotic.  Their petite frames, sexy eyes and beautiful hair are just a few of the things that make them so unbelievably attractive to men.

If you are looking to meet an awesome, fun, beautiful girl for dating or marriage then an Asian girl will not disappoint.  But, who are the most beautiful Asian women?  That’s up for debate.  Here’s a list of the top 3 countries to find a beautiful Asian woman.

Japanese Women

Beautiful Japanese Women

Japanese women have a lot to offer.  They are smart, stylish and modern with awesome fashion sense and ambitious personalities.  Their culture demands that they act sweet, innocent and a bit subdued but once you get to know a Japanese girl you will see that they are sexual, sensual, fun and intelligent.

You will need to allow her time to warm up to you and show respect and patience with her.  A gorgeous lady is, of course, worth the wait.

Japanese culture is rich and beautiful and you will enjoy learning all about it.  Japanese women are typically well-educated, ambitious and hard-working but still sexy, youthful and fun. They really are the whole package.   It’s not hard to see why men lust after them so much.

Thai Women

Beautiful Thai Girls

If you have ever met a gorgeous, dark-haired attractive Thai lady then you know exactly what they have to offer.  They are wonderful wives and mothers.  They come from a rich culture, are wonderful cooks and are intelligent and interesting, as well.

Thai women are conservative and shy but unbelievably beautiful, kind, intelligent and fun.  If you meet a Thai woman you will have to make the first move because in their culture going after men is a taboo.  Women in Thailand never chase men.

That said, once you find a great Thai girl you won’t mind chasing her.  They are worth a little bit of work.

Vietnamese Women

Beautiful Vietnamese Woman

Vietnamese ladies have fabulous faces, gorgeous bodies and fantastic personalities. They are the kind of women every man desires.  The beautiful, jungle climate in Vietnam tans their petite, sexy bodies and their beautiful, dark eyes and shiny hair make them irresistible to any man with a pulse.

They are conservative compared to American women but will dote on a man that they love.   This means that, as with many Asian women, they may require a bit of patience and time and they won’t dress like some American women would.

Their rich Vietnamese history makes them fascinating, exciting and full of life.  The women are as beautiful as the beautiful, rolling landscapes of their green, lush country.

Vietnam is mostly rural farm land so they are simple women with hard-working and appreciative natures.  They do not have incredibly high or unreasonable material expectations and a Vietnamese wife will care for their husbands and families with devotion and love.

The Girl of Your Dreams May Not Be The Girl Next Door

If you are looking for love and keep coming up empty-handed and alone then try branching out of your comfort zone and checking out what Asia has to offer.

Asian women are different from American women not just in appearances but also in personality.  Their cultures tend to make them more conservative and they will not chase after a man.  You will have to go after a lady that you like but once you have her she will be devoted, kind and loving.

Your life with a beautiful Asian woman will be full of joy and happiness.

Vietnam, Japan and Thailand are not the only countries where great, Asian women can be found but they are probably the top 3.  China’s conservative, male-dominated culture, for instance, makes Chinese women less independent, educated and attractive.

However, there are certainly gorgeous, fun Chinese women that make wonderful girlfriends and wives.  There is certainly no reason to limit yourself to just these three countries but these three are sure NOT to disappoint.