Asian Women – Beautiful, Kind, and Patient

Asian Women – Beautiful, Kind, and Patient

If you asked 100 random guys on the street if they would date an Asian girl we’re pretty sure you’d get a positive response in at least 90% of cases.

The weird thing is that if you asked the same man why they would be happy to date and even marry an Asian woman, they will probably have no idea why. Probing them further would probably result in answers like, “…there’s just something about them.”

This, however, is the truth and it’s the same indistinguishable appeal that Asian women have which makes men willing to travel halfway across the world to meet them in China, the Philippines, Thailand or Vietnam.

Both male and female Western feminists are very quick to refer to this natural attraction as some kind of weird fetish, based on an idealized and stereotyped perception of Asian women.

In fact they’ll even go as far as slapping the ridiculous and entirely racist label of “Yellow Fever” on the idea that any Western man finds an Asian woman far more attractive, and a far better marriage prospect, than the vast majority of Western women.

There are now far more single women in their 40s in Europe and North America than at any other time in history, perhaps with the exception of the years just after World War I and World War II.

So what is it about Asian girls that Western guys simply can’t say no to? Why are they willing to put so much effort into finding an Asian girlfriend?

Inherent Beauty

The vast majority of Asian women are naturally good-looking, and all without needing several hours in a salon and several layers of make-up to make them attractive to the average guy.

This means they aren’t “choking” their skin, and destroying it by covering it in expensive cosmetics that are nothing more than a mask to hide a lackluster appearance underneath.

This alone is a good enough reason for Western men to find Asian women far more attractive than their Western counterparts – you simply don’t come across as many cases of false advertising online or in the flesh.

Asian women enjoy their femininity in a way that will probably catch you off guard, especially because you have seen more and more women in the Western world doing their very best to eradicate any traces of their femininity – it’s a real race-to-the-bottom mentality right now.

Things like putting on 50 pounds in weight and still demanding that they be found attractive, or even going as far as adopting masculine mannerisms because that’s what’s in vogue at the moment.

Very, very few Asian women would dream of behaving towards men the way American women do, and the ones that do are already a lost cause because their outlook on life has already been poisoned by radical feminist ideals.


Family Comes First

Although Asian countries are making rapid progress towards becoming more modernized and technologically advanced, there are doing that without simply abandoning the traditions and cultural values that make them who they are.

If you compare this with what’s happening in the West you’ll see that the tribal roots that held Western society together for so long are being torn apart by a socialist feminist agenda that’s desperate to relegate men to being less than second-class citizens.

Asian women will often put their family before any thought of career because they know that without family there can be no future for their people. The simple idea has become lost to generations of women in more developed countries, resulting in plummeting birth rates and a widening age gap.

An Asian girlfriend will be the one to bring up the topic of having children with you, instead of you having to corner her into giving you an answer on when you might start a family together.

Emotionally and Psychologically Healthy

Asian cultures tend to be respectful and polite by their nature, with boasting, outbursts of ego and expectancy seen as being undesirable traits in any man, and even more so in any woman.

Women from more developed countries will often view this politeness and the ability to be courteous as being backwards and not something they can understand because they been taught to think otherwise by humanities professors teaching farcical subjects like “Women’s Studies”.

Asian women possess the important ability – one that’s critical to the success of any relationship – of putting other people first. She understands that sometimes it’s more important to focus on the practical needs of the family unit and not that she needs a new car and doesn’t care if you have to work four different jobs to pay for it.

There’s a quiet nobility that’s etched into Asian DNA, and it becomes really obvious once you get to know Asian women that little bit better.

They’re polite in a way that Western women have forgotten how to be – they’re not going to belch or fart in public, or humiliate you by getting wasted, vomiting in their hair, and then demanding that you take them home.

They’re Docile?

There’s a common misconception/misperception that all Asian women are shy, retiring flowers who can barely raise their heads to look at you. Unfortunately you’re confusing Asian women with some kind of Geisha girl fantasy.

So, while Asian women are far more accommodating to what any man expects or needs from a relationship, that doesn’t mean that they’re emotional or sexual doormats.

In fact, Asian women who think you’re going to treat them as poorly as most Asian men do will simply walk away from your relationship with her.

Remember, Asian girls have dealt with a lower social status since the day they were born, so there’s no way they’re going to entertain that from any European or North American man because they know that you know better than to do that.


Committed To The Relationship

When you’re in a relationship with an Asian girl she is in it for the long haul.

There is no question of her dating several men at once and then choosing the one that suits her most, because that goes against everything she believes in and everything that her family will find acceptable.

Asian women understand that conflict will happen in any relationship, but they simply have a better set of coping skills for maintaining a healthy relationship with the man in their life.

It’s not that she won’t argue with you when she’s annoyed, but the focus will be on talking the matter through to ensure that the relationship continues in a way that is healthy for both you and her.

The issue faced by most Asian women, almost regardless of their country of origin, is that they’re often viewed and treated as second-class citizens by men in their home country.

This is the single downside to growing up in a culture where traditional values and obedience can be taken advantage of by a large percentage of Asian men.

But they know this is a challenge they simply don’t face when dating a Western man because you’ve grown up understanding that women are equal to men in every way that makes sense.

Why Men Love Indonesian Women

Why Men Love Indonesian Women

Indonesian women are sweet, tiny, like to go to new places and make memories, and know how to love. Some men love Indonesian women more than any others in Asia, and for good reason.

They are very genuine, have self-respect, take good care of themselves, and are honest. They stick close to their family, friends, and aim to please their loved ones including the man in their life.

If you’re looking for a kind, reasonable, and true woman then an Indonesian woman or a trip to Indonesia might be just the place for you!

Take into consideration some of the advice and common experiences below so you can make the most out of your trip to Indonesia, or further, understand them and maybe meet one locally to you!

Indonesian Women Value Honesty

Because Indonesian women are typically brought up by honest, respectable, and grateful parents and neighbors they likewise carry these traits.

Therefore, if you want to realistically be with an Indonesian woman and be happy, then having similar traits or beliefs is equally valuable. Women from Indonesia expect you to be truthful with them, and in many instances even what you may consider being “small lies” could be the end of your relationship.

Women from Indonesian are both very curious and tend to be reserved. While they may withhold information from you about their past relationships, they do not expect the same from you. They will want to know about your past, the kind of women you’ve been with, and why you are where you are today.

While this may seem one-sided or unfair it’s something you’ll have to accept as part of women from this culture and place, but it’ll likely be worth it in the long run for you to do so.

Indonesian stunner in leopard print bikini

Women from Indonesia are Uniquely Different

While Indonesian women may come off as too serious sometimes, invasive, or reserved they in no way amount to the many struggles of more Western women and common problems men have with them today. In fact, it’s more than likely you’re only here reading this now because you’re tired of those types of women and relationships.

Unlike Western women, Indonesians do not tend to drink or party, curse, or cheat anywhere nearly as frequently. Although they may come off as “lazy” sometimes it’s important to appreciate that where they come from public transportation and staying out of the hot sun is normal.

They don’t like it and they’ll avoid it. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t care for their bodies, diet, or are unfamiliar with using a treadmill or gym equipment.

Can your Indonesian date or girlfriend swim? It might sound random but it’s rather significant, so before you go planning that big beach trip or luring her into the ocean or pool, ask her, you might be surprised to find out. Also, teaching or learning how to swim with her can be a special, bonding and trust building experience!

Indonesian Women Know How to Love and You Should Too

Because Indonesians are brought up so closely around their families they know how to be a good wife, mother, and expect you to know how or learn from influence how to be a good spouse too.

Don’t be surprised if your Indonesian girlfriend wants to know all about your family or meet them. If so, it’s likely a good sign and only means she wants to see where you come from and perhaps where or if you’ll wind up in a similar way as to your parents.

If your Indonesian girlfriend invites you to meet her family this is a great thing but keeps in mind her family members will be watching you closely, and coming to a decision as to whether or not they feel you’re best for or deserve their daughter or sister.

Because Indonesian women are so close to their parents do not be surprised if their disapproval leads to the end of your relationship.

So, put your best foot forward and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and for two reasons. The first reason is because it’s likely she and her family will see right through it, or have met someone like that before.

The second reason is if you do this, you’ll only set yourself up for failure in the long run. After all, how long could someone successfully pretend to be someone their not?

happy Indonesian family

Indonesian Women are Smart

Make no mistake, regardless of financial welfare or background, Indonesians absolutely love technology and smartphones. Because of this, it’s important you don’t attempt to hide anything from her or break into her phone for any reason. After all, communication is key.

Indonesians are smart, witty, and know their way around a phone or computer, so if you have something to hide or are thinking about it, think again.

They also know when you’re lying, or even thinking about lying, so don’t do it. Speaking of technology, don’t be afraid to drop your Indonesian girlfriend a text message once or twice throughout the day, or later on at night to let her know you’re thinking of her. It’s the simpler, smaller things like this that can strengthen your relationship all the more.

Flowers, candies, and jewelry are nice but know that women and people from Indonesia are generally very big on bonding and making memories with those they love. Therefore, while simplifying your adventures and the things you do for her, try to make it a point no to overwhelm her.

While it’s nice to do or buy nice things for the woman you care for or love, be careful not to overwhelm her, or worse, make her feel inadequate. Too many fancy dinners, expensive places, or gifts can turn her off or even push her away.

Religion Can Make or Break You

While it’s true that Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, there are still quite a few that are catholic or Christian. Each Indonesian woman and family you meet will be different, so don’t let this discourage you.

While it can be complicated, most importantly you should communicate with the Indonesian woman you’re interested in, and take things from there. Some are or can be flexible, and anything is possible. So, book your tickets today and start your research on where your first stop in Indonesia will be!

Asian Women: What Do They Want?

Asian Women: What Do They Want?

Prior to the Web in the 1990s it was effectively unimaginable for any gentleman from the USA or the European Union to court a attractive Asian girl.

Several magazines did put up ads and offer addresses, but it really was a sluggish, complicated route.

Nowadays you’ll find literally hundreds of dating websites to help Western men wish to get in touch with breathtaking Asian ladies, particularly ones as cute as this young lady in kitty ears:

Signing Up For Asian Dating

In Asia girls continue to be pressured into negotiated marriages in the countryside. In the most severe circumstances young women are marketed like cattle to big city pimps who employee them sex workers.

Even in solidly middle class families at times lovely Asian women have not even become acquainted with their betrothed until their wedding day, dowries are still negotiated, and a girl’s father more often than not can veto her choice of a husband.

Brides signing up for Asian dating sites are cutting themselves off from these honored traditions and consequently they’re genuinely demonstrating a great deal more independence than any Western men that check out the dating sites ever grasp.

The fact is, frequently they are ignoring the desires of their community, because in some Asian countries there is still a deep taboo against marrying outside of your own ethnic or religious group.

Filipinas were the earliest modern-day mail order brides back in the 1970’s. Filipinas nearly all speak English, are Roman Catholic, quite often genuinely old-fashioned Catholics, and they’re from a country with close historic links to the United States, so there are for the most part not many social issues to overcome when a Filipina Bride marries a man from a Western country, particularly if the guy is actually a practicing Catholic.

Discovering The Chinese Brides

Can’t discover the bride of your dreams? There are over 600,000,000 Chinese women of all ages and the it’s likely that that one of them would be right for you.

There’s substantially more diversity amongst Chinese women than outsiders as a general rule realize.

Yes, about 90% of the inhabitants are Han Chinese, the people generally referred to as Chinese, but that means that there are well over 100 million ethnic minorities residing in China, that’s like a whole other country or two.

Unless you have happened to be living under a bridge in Wisconsin for the last twenty-five years you know that China’s economy has changed from being a communist system which was basically closed to international trade to a more market-oriented economy that features a quickly rising private sector and it is a crucial player in the global economy.

And, unlike in many countries, the Chinese ladies registering to meet foreign men are routinely not financially deprived or socially isolated.

In point of fact, the Chinese women signing up to become modern mail order brides are among the country’s most awesome and bright young women.

Most of the Chinese brides often times have wonderful jobs in one of the big cities. Most Chinese gents are under the impression that these marvelous, impressive young women ought to be satisfied and content, but the women get access to the web and a lot of international television and films.

Generally, a Chinese bride does have it pretty good by any standards. BUT she knows that the women enjoy a elevated status in Western countries and that is the forbidden fruit that appeals to most Chinese mail order brides to the internet.

They’re not desperate. There are without doubt more than enough men for them to choose from in China. In all reality, due to their one child policy per family policy, there are around 40 million more men and boys under 65 than women and girls.

So, why do they want to leave home? The dismal truth is that the standing of females in China is amazingly low by Western standards.

The majority of Chinese men still intend for women to stick to the traditional Three Obediences: Obeying her father before marriage, her husband when married, and her sons in widowhood.

It goes without saying, Oprah, Vogue, and Cosmo employ a different opinion on the role of women in society, but this is in direct conflict with what women see every week from Western media and it also is due to inconsistencies between the requirements of a modern economy and the expectations of conventional Chinese cultural norms.

These splendid Asian women registering to become modern mail order brides aren’t doing this for lack of suitors or, given China’s rapid economic growth, even financial opportunism. These Chinese mail order brides are unquestionably struggling to find real love and the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Why Men Love Asian Women

Why Men Love Asian Women

hot and exotic asian womenAsian women are stunning and beautiful, fun and smart! They have a ton to offer. It’s not hard to understand why men love them so much! What’s not to love? They are full of life, sexy, vibrant and unbelievably interesting! There is simply no way to deny that Asian women are some of the most attractive women in all of the world!

Below you will find a list of eight reasons that men love Asian women! Eight are only scratching the surface as there are literally hundreds of things about Asian women that make them so attractive.

Stunning, exotic good looks

There’s no denying their beauty. From Japan to India and everywhere in between, Asian women have absolutely beautiful faces, gorgeous hair and eyes that you can get absolutely lost in. Whether you like darker skin or a slightly paler complexion, there are a vast array of skin tones in Asian women. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Asian women are some of the most gorgeous in the world.

Great bodies

They tend to be in great shape, be small and petite and take good care of themselves. It is rare to find an overweight Asian girl. They have super feminine and dainty builds and flexible bodies. Some countries’ women are curvier than others but, in general, Asian women are tiny and delicate like flowers! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Super smart and educated

Asian women are very well-educated, ambitious and smart. They are raised to value learning and take it seriously. They have goals and dreams that are way outside of the old-fashioned traditional stereotype of an Asian woman.

That’s sexy!

Great family values

Asian women are raised to value and love family above all else. They care a lot about their elders and respect their opinions as well as care for them when necessary. They believe in looking after extended family and are great mothers, wives and lovers because they have a strong sense of love for family.

sexy and fun asian girlFun personalities

Asian women are friendly, spunky, interesting and fun. They love to enjoy life, eat great food and shop. They are creative, opinionated and up for anything. Though they are often stereotyped as innocent and naïve this is generally not the case at all. You will have a great time getting to know an Asian lady because…

Asian women, in short, are a lot of fun to hang out with!

Interesting cultures

They come from diverse and fascinating cultural backgrounds and they have history going back thousands and thousands of years. Asia is a beautiful and exciting continent. From philosophy to Pho… Asian cultures have delicious foods, wonderful music, beautiful clothing, fascinating literature and more!

Beautiful homelands

Asia is beautiful. The landscapes are stunning, the sights are unbelievable and the cities and exciting and bustling. Every country in Asia has something interesting and exciting to offer! No matter where you go you will be sure to find that you are surrounded by visually interesting and aesthetically beautiful environments!

The Most Beautiful Asian Women

The Most Beautiful Asian Women

If you have had trouble meeting women near home and are wondering what this big, wide world has to offer then you are not alone.  Dating foreign women is a great way to meet fabulous people, learn about new cultures and have a great time.

Asian women, in particular, have a ton to offer any man.  They are raised with a great deal of class and are conservative, smart and caring.  They make wonderful lovers, wives and mothers.

In addition to their many other awesome qualities, Asian women are undeniably beautiful, alluring and exotic.  Their petite frames, sexy eyes and beautiful hair are just a few of the things that make them so unbelievably attractive to men.

If you are looking to meet an awesome, fun, beautiful girl for dating or marriage then an Asian girl will not disappoint.  But, who are the most beautiful Asian women?  That’s up for debate.  Here’s a list of the top 3 countries to find a beautiful Asian woman.

Japanese Women

Beautiful Japanese WomenJapanese women have a lot to offer.  They are smart, stylish and modern with awesome fashion sense and ambitious personalities.  Their culture demands that they act sweet, innocent and a bit subdued but once you get to know a Japanese girl you will see that they are sexual, sensual, fun and intelligent.

You will need to allow her time to warm up to you and show respect and patience with her.  A gorgeous lady is, of course, worth the wait.

Japanese culture is rich and beautiful and you will enjoy learning all about it.  Japanese women are typically well-educated, ambitious and hard-working but still sexy, youthful and fun. They really are the whole package.   It’s not hard to see why men lust after them so much.

Thai Women

Beautiful Thai Girls

If you have ever met a gorgeous, dark-haired attractive Thai lady then you know exactly what they have to offer.  They are wonderful wives and mothers.  They come from a rich culture, are wonderful cooks and are intelligent and interesting, as well.

Thai women are conservative and shy but unbelievably beautiful, kind, intelligent and fun.  If you meet a Thai woman you will have to make the first move because in their culture going after men is a taboo.  Women in Thailand never chase men.

That said, once you find a great Thai girl you won’t mind chasing her.  They are worth a little bit of work.

Vietnamese Women

Beautiful Vietnamese Woman

Vietnamese ladies have fabulous faces, gorgeous bodies and fantastic personalities. They are the kind of women every man desires.  The beautiful, jungle climate in Vietnam tans their petite, sexy bodies and their beautiful, dark eyes and shiny hair make them irresistible to any man with a pulse.

They are conservative compared to American women but will dote on a man that they love.   This means that, as with many Asian women, they may require a bit of patience and time and they won’t dress like some American women would.

Their rich Vietnamese history makes them fascinating, exciting and full of life.  The women are as beautiful as the beautiful, rolling landscapes of their green, lush country.

Vietnam is mostly rural farm land so they are simple women with hard-working and appreciative natures.  They do not have incredibly high or unreasonable material expectations and a Vietnamese wife will care for their husbands and families with devotion and love.

The Girl of Your Dreams May Not Be The Girl Next Door

If you are looking for love and keep coming up empty-handed and alone then try branching out of your comfort zone and checking out what Asia has to offer.

Asian women are different from American women not just in appearances but also in personality.  Their cultures tend to make them more conservative and they will not chase after a man.  You will have to go after a lady that you like but once you have her she will be devoted, kind and loving.

Your life with a beautiful Asian woman will be full of joy and happiness.

Vietnam, Japan and Thailand are not the only countries where great, Asian women can be found but they are probably the top 3.  China’s conservative, male-dominated culture, for instance, makes Chinese women less independent, educated and attractive.

However, there are certainly gorgeous, fun Chinese women that make wonderful girlfriends and wives.  There is certainly no reason to limit yourself to just these three countries but these three are sure NOT to disappoint.