Tips For Dating Asian Women!

Why have so many Westerners are eager to meet Asian women? Because every year, more Canadian, British, Germans, Australians, Americans, and other places young Asian women to marry?

Well, the physical beauty of Asian women is undeniable. Their hair black silk … petite, agencies, and … and also the balance and grace with which to walk.

I’m sure its great features, exotic are attractive to you. And then there’s the sense of “timid innocence” that Asian women have. It makes us curious to find out more about them, and is a big turn on to think that this is a sexually shy side is waiting to be released …

But if you were to admit that personal preference for a Western woman, she probably would have responded with contempt. Western women will assume that the choice to date Asian women are eager to have a “slave” to your waiting hand and foot and cleans your house. Bitter western women think that men who set the Asian women are not “man” enough to be a “real lady.”

This is simply not true and you know if you’ve been with beautiful Asian women. Asian girlfriends I had were intelligent, self-sufficient, stubborn and strong. At the same time, they exude pure femininity.

Basically, Asian women for a man to feel the way it is supposed to do!

This is how you and I were born to feel, and that’s what we need to feel happy and good about ourselves. Ask one of your married friends were murdered and castrated by his nagging, domineering wife.

Do you want to date Asian women do not have any strange “fetish”, and suggests that they are somehow inadequate or unable to manage the relationship of race woman.

On the contrary, I say that you are enlightened! Are you ready to think “outside the box” and does not follow the same script that your friends are doing – the guys who make do with what the girl can get, because I am convinced that until now, so incredibly beautiful women (or hot younger woman) need to be rich, famous or a movie star good looks.

They would prefer these men with a sexy, young, beautiful woman who loves them and gives them an incredible sex? Of course, they love it. But most people do not believe this is still possible, in order to marry the woman with whom they are familiar with “harmony”. This usually means only that he is so boring and predictable as he is.

What percentage of these kids end up feeling very satisfied with their lives, and are sexually satisfied? My guess is that this number is very small. Most of my married friends tell me how I am jealous of my life, which involves a lot of trips to Asia and meet Asian women.

You see, we are all driven by the same needs and desires, which we shared with our ancestors 10,000 years ago. Under the direction that we must be men. We want women that are soft and feminine, and to respond to our manhood and power. Asian women to serve this need than any other woman.

There are many valid reasons why western men are drawn to Asian women. I’m going to give you the Top Ten at the time. (Please note, these features certainly do not apply to all Asian women … just fine!)

# 1 I’m sexy and physically attractive

The silky hair, flawless skin, small bodies, hard and exotic oriental features add to the mix that many men find irresistible.

It is also interesting to note that the Asian face, because how to build, shows less emotion than the faces of Caucasians. This makes Asian women “harder to read” than white women, who are known to express their feelings at all times (if you want to listen or not!).

In a sense, this is the feeling of a loan, “the secret” are the Asian women. This increases their appeal, because we men are on the “thrill of the chase.”

Asian women also have a great quality of the skin, and tend to develop fewer wrinkles than white women as they age – that is why Asian women can remain striking well into middle age.

# 2 They tend to be quite accessible

I am always up close and discuss women and noticed that even the most beautiful Asian women are easier to address than Western women. They like to be flirted with, too. When I’m in Asia, I can not give a girl a friendly smile and tell them in their language: “You are very kind, I know your name?”

I’m almost always a smile in return and we will have a conversation. American woman on the other hand, the suspect maybe you are “hitting on her” and does not give you the time of the day.

Asian women really smile. It’s part of their culture and education. For example, you can go to the poor provinces of the Philippines and all the people, despite their difficulties, you will be greeted with a friendly smile.

Thailand is literally known as “The Land of Smiles” because people are smiling all the time. (This can be confusing for foreigners, as the “Thai smile” can mean many different things -. I explained in “Secrets of Dating Asian Women” book, but at least he turned around a crowd of frowning, frumpy Western women!)

It ‘amazing walk through a large commercial center of the city like Manila, Jakarta and Bangkok … why so many young, beautiful Asian women smile at you when you make eye contact with!

In contrast, women in America. Resent most of the time, in order to argue that they can not be bothered with meeting anyone new. They automatically you’re a loser, or some kind of threat, until proven otherwise.

It ‘true that Asian women tend to be more “shy” compared to western women – but this is just the beginning. Once you know how to talk with them in the right way, shy off rapidly melt, and are friendly and warm. A large part of the “timidity” is making clear their concerns polite.

Now, when you engage in an Asian woman in a conversation, then you might want to use certain lines and techniques to build their attraction and interest to the user. Let me explain how this is done in “The secrets of dating Asian women” book.

# 3 They are excellent at home and takes pride in managing the household

A household is headed by an Asian woman who will always be clean and organized. Meals are prepared with care and love.

Even the poorest families to keep the living space as clean as possible. In Asia, women are always to be sure that your house is clean, and are proud of their cooking meals and keeping you well fed.

# 4 They have a rich sense of culture and heritage

Many Westerners are fascinated by color, exotic, mystical cultures of Asia, which is steeped in history. Recently, Asia has earned a reputation as being very fashionable in the West.

This is especially true with Japan, that Westerners have begun to recognize as a center of fashion. (Girls Japanese are years ahead of Western girls with their super-cool, futuristic styles of dress.)

Why else would so many white people, men and women, put tattoos, Chinese and Japanese characters in their body, thinking it makes them look trendy and “spiritual” – even if it was not even in these countries? (Very lame if you ask me …)

Where To Find Asian Brides For Marriage?

cute athletic asian womanUnless you live in Asia, the best place to look for Asian Brides is going to be online.  There are literally thousands of Asian dating agencies out there, some are legit and others are designed with only one thing in mind.  To steal your hard earned money!

The Best Free Asian Matrimony Sites

One of the best site sites to look at if you want to date and eventually marry a hot women from China, The Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand or any other Asian country is probably  The site is totally free and has thousands of beautiful Asian ladies looking for love.

You may also want to try using some of the more popular Social Media sites like Facebook, Myspace and Hi5.  They are all very popular in The Philippines and Thailand but if you are looking for a Chinese woman to date then you may have to go with one of the paid options.

Paid Asian Dating Sites – Are They Worth The Money

Most of the paid Dating sites that feature Asian women will allow you to sign up for free and to create a profile – but you will have to pay a monthly fee to get full access to all the site’s features.

Once you set up a user profile and pay the monthly fee, you then hunt for the Asian mail order brides and when you see one you like you can send her a message.

If you would want to have an Asian girl as a wife, you have to do your own research before you start dating. Yes, it is important to be genuine and fresh, and sort of have an empty cup before you start your relationship. However, some background information on their culture and even their language could serve very helpful if you do decide to take them out on a first date.

For example, their view of fun and recreation is very important. Usually, these kinds of activities are very good icebreakers during first dates. If you show her a good time and keep her comfortable all through out, she will eventually let her guard down and allow you to continue the courting. It is important to be smooth with these kinds of things – it won’t simply make you look in control and very well put together; it will also be, for her, the mark of a true gentleman.

How to Make a Great Dating Profile

appealing asian beautyMake sure to register your personality, so that she knows what to expect. Put your best foot forward buy realize that it is better to be true rather than fake it just to get a good reaction. Eventually, you will be able to find the girl who is also best suited for you, if you follow these fundamental steps.

Men from western countries now look for Asian girls for marriage – they love the beautiful Asian and are captivated by their beauty. Their mix of races from the different colonies are something that western men find very appealing. Apart from that, it is amazing to see how so many children from interracial marriages turn out to be just gorgeous.

The values of the Asian girl are something that the men love about them. Their strong familial ties, rock hard principles, and the simplicity and depth of the way they live is something they find a bit wanting in the western girls they are usually exposed to. That is also why they find these ladies very appealing.

Why Men Love Asian Women

hot and exotic asian womenAsian women are stunning and beautiful, fun and smart! They have a ton to offer. It’s not hard to understand why men love them so much! What’s not to love? They are full of life, sexy, vibrant and unbelievably interesting! There is simply no way to deny that Asian women are some of the most attractive women in all of the world!

Below you will find a list of eight reasons that men love Asian women! Eight are only scratching the surface as there are literally hundreds of things about Asian women that make them so attractive.

Stunning, exotic good looks

There’s no denying their beauty. From Japan to India and everywhere in between, Asian women have absolutely beautiful faces, gorgeous hair and eyes that you can get absolutely lost in. Whether you like darker skin or a slightly paler complexion, there are a vast array of skin tones in Asian women. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Asian women are some of the most gorgeous in the world.

Great bodies

They tend to be in great shape, be small and petite and take good care of themselves. It is rare to find an overweight Asian girl. They have super feminine and dainty builds and flexible bodies. Some countries’ women are curvier than others but, in general, Asian women are tiny and delicate like flowers! It doesn’t get any better than that.

Super smart and educated

Asian women are very well-educated, ambitious and smart. They are raised to value learning and take it seriously. They have goals and dreams that are way outside of the old-fashioned traditional stereotype of an Asian woman.

That’s sexy!

Great family values

Asian women are raised to value and love family above all else. They care a lot about their elders and respect their opinions as well as care for them when necessary. They believe in looking after extended family and are great mothers, wives and lovers because they have a strong sense of love for family.

sexy and fun asian girlFun personalities

Asian women are friendly, spunky, interesting and fun. They love to enjoy life, eat great food and shop. They are creative, opinionated and up for anything. Though they are often stereotyped as innocent and naïve this is generally not the case at all. You will have a great time getting to know an Asian lady because…

Asian women, in short, are a lot of fun to hang out with!

Interesting cultures

They come from diverse and fascinating cultural backgrounds and they have history going back thousands and thousands of years. Asia is a beautiful and exciting continent. From philosophy to Pho… Asian cultures have delicious foods, wonderful music, beautiful clothing, fascinating literature and more!

Beautiful homelands

Asia is beautiful. The landscapes are stunning, the sights are unbelievable and the cities and exciting and bustling. Every country in Asia has something interesting and exciting to offer! No matter where you go you will be sure to find that you are surrounded by visually interesting and aesthetically beautiful environments!

The Most Beautiful Asian Women

If you have had trouble meeting women near home and are wondering what this big, wide world has to offer then you are not alone.  Dating foreign women is a great way to meet fabulous people, learn about new cultures and have a great time.

Asian women, in particular, have a ton to offer any man.  They are raised with a great deal of class and are conservative, smart and caring.  They make wonderful lovers, wives and mothers.

In addition to their many other awesome qualities, Asian women are undeniably beautiful, alluring and exotic.  Their petite frames, sexy eyes and beautiful hair are just a few of the things that make them so unbelievably attractive to men.

If you are looking to meet an awesome, fun, beautiful girl for dating or marriage then an Asian girl will not disappoint.  But, who are the most beautiful Asian women?  That’s up for debate.  Here’s a list of the top 3 countries to find a beautiful Asian woman.

Japanese Women

Beautiful Japanese WomenJapanese women have a lot to offer.  They are smart, stylish and modern with awesome fashion sense and ambitious personalities.  Their culture demands that they act sweet, innocent and a bit subdued but once you get to know a Japanese girl you will see that they are sexual, sensual, fun and intelligent.

You will need to allow her time to warm up to you and show respect and patience with her.  A gorgeous lady is, of course, worth the wait.

Japanese culture is rich and beautiful and you will enjoy learning all about it.  Japanese women are typically well-educated, ambitious and hard-working but still sexy, youthful and fun. They really are the whole package.   It’s not hard to see why men lust after them so much.

Thai Women

Beautiful Thai Girls

If you have ever met a gorgeous, dark-haired attractive Thai lady then you know exactly what they have to offer.  They are wonderful wives and mothers.  They come from a rich culture, are wonderful cooks and are intelligent and interesting, as well.

Thai women are conservative and shy but unbelievably beautiful, kind, intelligent and fun.  If you meet a Thai woman you will have to make the first move because in their culture going after men is a taboo.  Women in Thailand never chase men.

That said, once you find a great Thai girl you won’t mind chasing her.  They are worth a little bit of work.

Vietnamese Women

Beautiful Vietnamese Woman

Vietnamese ladies have fabulous faces, gorgeous bodies and fantastic personalities. They are the kind of women every man desires.  The beautiful, jungle climate in Vietnam tans their petite, sexy bodies and their beautiful, dark eyes and shiny hair make them irresistible to any man with a pulse.

They are conservative compared to American women but will dote on a man that they love.   This means that, as with many Asian women, they may require a bit of patience and time and they won’t dress like some American women would.

Their rich Vietnamese history makes them fascinating, exciting and full of life.  The women are as beautiful as the beautiful, rolling landscapes of their green, lush country.

Vietnam is mostly rural farm land so they are simple women with hard-working and appreciative natures.  They do not have incredibly high or unreasonable material expectations and a Vietnamese wife will care for their husbands and families with devotion and love.

The Girl of Your Dreams May Not Be The Girl Next Door

If you are looking for love and keep coming up empty-handed and alone then try branching out of your comfort zone and checking out what Asia has to offer.

Asian women are different from American women not just in appearances but also in personality.  Their cultures tend to make them more conservative and they will not chase after a man.  You will have to go after a lady that you like but once you have her she will be devoted, kind and loving.

Your life with a beautiful Asian woman will be full of joy and happiness.

Vietnam, Japan and Thailand are not the only countries where great, Asian women can be found but they are probably the top 3.  China’s conservative, male-dominated culture, for instance, makes Chinese women less independent, educated and attractive.

However, there are certainly gorgeous, fun Chinese women that make wonderful girlfriends and wives.  There is certainly no reason to limit yourself to just these three countries but these three are sure NOT to disappoint.

Japanese Mail Order Brides – Perfect Marriage Partners

Blue-eyed Japanese mail order brideMail Order brides are women who advertise online or via magazines, catalogs or newsprint the willingness to marry men from foreign countries. The businesses making this possible are booming as many women from all of over the world don’t mind spending time in settling down inside a foreign country.

Men looking to marry exotic, attractive, trustworthy and well-groomed females today need to look no further than Japanese Mail Order Bride.

You can make judgments about people from foreign cultures based on conventional stereotypes. However, specially when considering marrying someone from an alien society, such stereotypical views would be best left aside. Individual personalities differ, that are as vital to take account of when contemplating cultural influences.

Modern women from Japan usually are not content with the submissive role traditional society assigns to individuals the feminine gender. What foreigners looking to marry women in the country should expect are motivated and career-oriented females looking to be treated as equal partners. This really is one reasons why female doctors, lawyers, business as well as an array of educated professionals are advertising as brides.

Although some modern women out of this society are career-oriented, this doesn’t mean such folks do so for selfish reasons. The devotion and commitment to the well-being from the family continues to be the primary concern.

Independent careers are primarily an effective way to help bolster family stability and wellness. To those mothers, caring for children is highly valued, and lots of will sacrifice careers and personal interests when the well-being of a child necessitates it.

The commitment and devotion to family life these women show are rare to discover. Husbands will discover in the hardest circumstances, wives out of this Asian country will offer unwavering support. When getting married to one of these females, one marries for life indeed.

Like most Asian women, females from Japan are incredibly attractive. Healthy diets allow for smooth unblemished skin, together with natural appealing looks. The long straight black hair lends a potent sexuality for the overall appeal that a lot of men from all of over the world find alluring.

Modern Japan is still very much a conventional society where women are expected to play a submissive role. This makes it especially hard for ladies trying to establish independent careers. It is a major reason the reasons seek foreign men which are less traditional plus more open-minded. Men marrying Japanese Mail Order Brides will not regret the choice.