Secrets to Successfully Dating Asian Women


Even in a world that might feel jaded to you, Asia still remains mysterious to most Western men. Part of this is because Asia and the Far East are so incredibly vast it would take you months to take it all in, and even then you’d be struggling to do that.

Then you have the added mystery that is Asian women, and the allure they have that Western men find so intoxicating. But there are a lot of misconceptions about Asian women and dating them – that’s what we want to put straight in this article.

What’s in this for you is that you can avoid many of the mistakes North American and European men make when dating Asian women, or strengthening their relationships with them.


Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Are Asian women outwardly docile in appearance? Yes, they are but you need to look past that to see that they don’t exist in the Dark Ages, and have the same hopes and dreams as women from any other part of the world.

So, while you might think that any Asian girl you meet will throw herself at your feet in thanks for being chosen as your Asian girlfriend, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Asian women are, generally speaking, raised in cultures where politeness and being mannerly is something they learn from a very early age. In most Asian countries women take second place to men in most things, including education and their aspirations for a better life.

They long to be treated as equals by Asian men, but this rarely happens and that’s where you come in – a modern man who understands that women from this part of the world are more than just obedient servants that you can claim ownership of.

Treating Asian girls as unique individuals with their own wants, needs and desires will put you ahead of 90% of the international dating posse who expect these women to be something they’re not.

Learn What Makes Her Tick

She’s already extremely proud of her heritage, her culture, and how far her country has come in the last few decades, so she’ll appreciate it when you put some effort into learning more about her and her people.

The Internet gives you access to all the information you could possibly need here, so there’s no excuse for not learning what cultural and personal traits are most important to women from Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines or China, for example.

Culture in these countries is about far more than just paying lip service to some vague sense of national pride. Everything from her national dish to her national flag will be important to her, so should be equally important to you.

If you take no other piece of advice away from reading this article then let it be this: Family are more important to her than almost anything else in the world, including her own dreams. Being disrespectful towards any member of her family will be the kiss of death for your relationship with her.

Be A Gentleman…But

Yes, Asian women expect you to be a gentleman in pretty much everything you do, but you have to tread a fine line here between being “nice” and being a complete pushover for her. In fact, if she thinks you lack a hard edge, or genuine masculinity, she could quickly lose any respect she has for you, and that will mean the end of your relationship.

There’s a certain type of male Hollywood celebrity literally revered by Asian women, and they’re all from the same basic mould: Clean cut guys with just a hint of “bad boy” about them.

What this means is that she definitely doesn’t want to date or marry a male chauvinist, but she’ll have even less interest in some Beta male with feminist ideals i.e. she’s quite happy to be the woman in the relationship, so she doesn’t need you to “identify with her struggle”. She genuinely won’t have time for an overly-sensitive man, so don’t go there.

You might be a “broseph” at home around your buddies, but definitely don’t play that role around her, not even for a second. Being rude, loud or boorish in a public place is a no-no and not something any Asian girl will put up with.

So, even though you might be tempted to show off your wealth or your Alpha male traits, you need to be ready for the consequences i.e.  you go home alone.


Taller Guys Win

If Asian women have any quirk it’s that they prefer their partner to be taller than them. Now, this shouldn’t be difficult considering that the average height of women throughout Asia is 5′ 2″ (160cm), so once you’re taller than 160cm then you won’t have any major problems.

Is being shorter than your Asian girlfriend a deal breaker? Not necessarily, but it’s something you need to be aware of. The average Western guy shouldn’t have any issues towering over all but the tallest of Asian women.

Educated Guys Score More

Asian countries value education far more than most Western countries, where education is available to anyone, of any race, and from any financial background. In Asia your education is something your parents would have worked hard for, giving up so much to ensure that their kids will have a better life than they had.

So, even the poorest Asian girl will admire the fact that you’re educated, and if she herself is educated she’ll absolutely expect you to be articulate, thoughtful and capable of holding a conversation about something other than your favorite football team.

Does this mean that all Asian women are some kind of super-intellectual stereotype? Nope, but they’re not very tolerant of guys who don’t value education as much as they do. After all, she’s from the “Third World“, so she expects you to embody all the great things she’s heard about Western society.

They Hate Players

Pickup artists and players have bled every Asian country dry in terms of the dating scene. PUA techniques are now seen as being just a tiny bit rapey by pretty much everyone who hears about them, so it’s best not to be guilty by association.

You think that PUA techniques are still valid? Look at how things worked out for Neil Strauss, author of ‘The Game’. Not a happy ending and no Asian puns intended.

As you can see there are no real “secrets” here, just practical advice on how you can make your Asian dating adventures a lot less work. Being the gentleman she’s always dreamed of meeting is the quickest way to her heart, and all that takes is being a nice guy who takes her feelings into consideration.

Your prospective Asian girlfriend isn’t a pushover, and if she is then you’re probably dating a woman who is just waiting to take you for every cent you have – you’ve been warned!