Indonesian women are sweet, tiny, like to go to new places and make memories, and know how to love. Some men love Indonesian women more than any others in Asia, and for good reason.

They are very genuine, have self-respect, take good care of themselves, and are honest. They stick close to their family, friends, and aim to please their loved ones including the man in their life.

If you’re looking for a kind, reasonable, and true woman then an Indonesian woman or a trip to Indonesia might be just the place for you!

Take into consideration some of the advice and common experiences below so you can make the most out of your trip to Indonesia, or further, understand them and maybe meet one locally to you!

Indonesian Women Value Honesty

Because Indonesian women are typically brought up by honest, respectable, and grateful parents and neighbors they likewise carry these traits.

Therefore, if you want to realistically be with an Indonesian woman and be happy, then having similar traits or beliefs is equally valuable. Women from Indonesia expect you to be truthful with them, and in many instances even what you may consider being “small lies” could be the end of your relationship.

Women from Indonesian are both very curious and tend to be reserved. While they may withhold information from you about their past relationships, they do not expect the same from you. They will want to know about your past, the kind of women you’ve been with, and why you are where you are today.

While this may seem one-sided or unfair it’s something you’ll have to accept as part of women from this culture and place, but it’ll likely be worth it in the long run for you to do so.

Indonesian stunner in leopard print bikini

Women from Indonesia are Uniquely Different

While Indonesian women may come off as too serious sometimes, invasive, or reserved they in no way amount to the many struggles of more Western women and common problems men have with them today. In fact, it’s more than likely you’re only here reading this now because you’re tired of those types of women and relationships.

Unlike Western women, Indonesians do not tend to drink or party, curse, or cheat anywhere nearly as frequently. Although they may come off as “lazy” sometimes it’s important to appreciate that where they come from public transportation and staying out of the hot sun is normal.

They don’t like it and they’ll avoid it. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t care for their bodies, diet, or are unfamiliar with using a treadmill or gym equipment.

Can your Indonesian date or girlfriend swim? It might sound random but it’s rather significant, so before you go planning that big beach trip or luring her into the ocean or pool, ask her, you might be surprised to find out. Also, teaching or learning how to swim with her can be a special, bonding and trust building experience!

Indonesian Women Know How to Love and You Should Too

Because Indonesians are brought up so closely around their families they know how to be a good wife, mother, and expect you to know how or learn from influence how to be a good spouse too.

Don’t be surprised if your Indonesian girlfriend wants to know all about your family or meet them. If so, it’s likely a good sign and only means she wants to see where you come from and perhaps where or if you’ll wind up in a similar way as to your parents.

If your Indonesian girlfriend invites you to meet her family this is a great thing but keeps in mind her family members will be watching you closely, and coming to a decision as to whether or not they feel you’re best for or deserve their daughter or sister.

Because Indonesian women are so close to their parents do not be surprised if their disapproval leads to the end of your relationship.

So, put your best foot forward and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, and for two reasons. The first reason is because it’s likely she and her family will see right through it, or have met someone like that before.

The second reason is if you do this, you’ll only set yourself up for failure in the long run. After all, how long could someone successfully pretend to be someone their not?

happy Indonesian family

Indonesian Women are Smart

Make no mistake, regardless of financial welfare or background, Indonesians absolutely love technology and smartphones. Because of this, it’s important you don’t attempt to hide anything from her or break into her phone for any reason. After all, communication is key.

Indonesians are smart, witty, and know their way around a phone or computer, so if you have something to hide or are thinking about it, think again.

They also know when you’re lying, or even thinking about lying, so don’t do it. Speaking of technology, don’t be afraid to drop your Indonesian girlfriend a text message once or twice throughout the day, or later on at night to let her know you’re thinking of her. It’s the simpler, smaller things like this that can strengthen your relationship all the more.

Flowers, candies, and jewelry are nice but know that women and people from Indonesia are generally very big on bonding and making memories with those they love. Therefore, while simplifying your adventures and the things you do for her, try to make it a point no to overwhelm her.

While it’s nice to do or buy nice things for the woman you care for or love, be careful not to overwhelm her, or worse, make her feel inadequate. Too many fancy dinners, expensive places, or gifts can turn her off or even push her away.

Religion Can Make or Break You

While it’s true that Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country, there are still quite a few that are catholic or Christian. Each Indonesian woman and family you meet will be different, so don’t let this discourage you.

While it can be complicated, most importantly you should communicate with the Indonesian woman you’re interested in, and take things from there. Some are or can be flexible, and anything is possible. So, book your tickets today and start your research on where your first stop in Indonesia will be!